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Can I Detox in 24 Hours?

Los Angeles | Orange County | San Diego | San Francisco Drug and alcohol detox can be a difficult and debilitating experience – still, people are always looking for quick-fix solutions to rid their body of drugs, start feeling better, and escape the discomfort of withdrawal. But can you detox in 24 hours, or are […]

What’s the Difference Between Dependence and Addiction?

Los Angeles | Orange County | San Diego | San Francisco Drug or alcohol addiction and dependence often get conflated in everyday conversation, articles you read online, and even in academic papers studying substance use disorders. But the difference between dependence and addiction is significant, and understanding these differences can help you make an informed […]

How to Detox Your Body from Drugs at Home

Los Angeles | Orange County | San Diego | San Francisco Although drug addiction remains at high levels nationally, every day many people decide to quit using drugs. Many others want to stop their drug abuse but fear checking into a rehab facility. Other people struggling with drug addiction may be concerned about the potential […]

In-Home Caregivers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles | Orange County | San Diego | San Francisco In-home caregivers provide essential services to those who need a little extra help in the place they feel most comfortable. At-home caregiver services can benefit people who need help to continue living independently, have disabilities that interfere with their daily routines, or are currently […]


The Dangers of Stopping Klonopin Suddenly

Los Angeles | Orange County | San Diego | San Francisco Stopping Klonopin suddenly, without appropriate medical intervention, can lead to a life-threatening emergency. The withdrawal effects from Klonopin can lead to serious physical symptoms that are incredibly dangerous, particularly if you are taking a high dose of Klonopin. Kinkaid Private Care offers in-home benzodiazepine […]

Top Strategies for Transition of Care from Hospital to Home

Effective transition of care from hospital to home is a vital element for ensuring that patients receive the support they need to maintain their health. This can often be a challenging process, with several potential hazards that can lead to negative outcomes if not handled appropriately. What is Patient Transition of Care? Patient transition of […]

Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 36 million older adults fall each year. One in five of these falls results in an injury, such as a fractured hip or broken bone. A significant portion of these falls occur in the bathroom, where slick and wet surfaces can lead to slips and stumbles. […]

How to Treat Cancer Patients at Home

Los Angeles | Orange County | San Diego | San Francisco Every year almost 2 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the US, while 17 million Americans live with cancer daily. Although cancer rates remain high, thanks to advances in cancer treatment, much of oncology care can now be carried out in outpatient […]

Why Do Seniors Fall So Much?

Are Falls a Normal Part of Aging? People think of falls as an expected part of aging, and it’s true that seniors do experience falls more often than other age ranges. However, falls should not be a part of aging, normal or otherwise. When a senior citizen falls, their chances of suffering a significant health […]

What is Senior Care?

Understanding Home Care for Your Senior Parent Research has shown that most people want to remain in their own homes rather than move to a nursing home as they transition into their senior years. At home, we have emotional ties and personal touchstones that help keep us oriented and engaged. There’s also a degree of […]