Hospice Care at Home for Cancer Patients

Hospice Care at Home for Cancer Patients

Hospice Care at Home for Cancer Patients 

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Starting hospice care can help ease many of the pains and challenges of a late-stage cancer diagnosis. It provides dignity, comfort, and support during this incredibly difficult period – and can vastly improve you or your loved one’s quality of life. 

Understanding Hospice Care for Cancer Patients

Hospice care is a specialized, comprehensive type of care for people experiencing life-limiting illness such as advanced cancer. Its primary role is to improve the personal well-being of the patient during the final stage of life, and to provide comfort to both the patient and their family.

Hospice care is not concerned with treating the disease itself. A hospice team instead works to help resolve uncomfortable symptoms, provide pain relief, and to help guide patients and families through the end-of-life transition. A comprehensive home hospice care program includes medical, emotional, and spiritual support components to help patients and family members during a life-limiting cancer diagnosis.

Though hospice care is related to this end-of-life period, it is an inherently life-affirming style of care. It allows cancer patients the opportunity to spend their last days with a higher quality of life, to cherish their time with friends and family, and to spend this time focusing on what matters most to them.

Benefits of Hospice Care at Home

Hospice care at home extends this life-affirming approach even further, by providing care where you or your loved one already feel most comfortable. But there are a number of benefits for home hospice care outside of the location alone:

  • Truly personalized care. Compared to treatment at a hospital or nursing home, hospice home care provides substantially more individualized treatment. Hospice care at home guarantees you have your medical provider’s full attention and provides truly one-on-one care.
  • Emotional and spiritual support. Hospice care at home is about more than just symptom relief – with our providers offering both emotional and spiritual support for cancer patients and their families.
  • Maintaining quality of life. Life with a late-stage cancer diagnosis can cause a number of uncomfortable and painful symptoms. Home hospice care can drastically improve these symptoms, allowing patients to focus on what matters most.

Living through the final stages of a cancer diagnosis is never easy – but compassionate hospice care can make the process much more comfortable for families and patients alike.

Services Offered at Home-Based Hospice Care

Home-based hospice care offers several services to cancer patients to restore dignity and quality of life. The main services of hospice care fall into two main categories – medical care, and emotional and spiritual support.

Medical Care

Home hospice medical care brings the treatment and monitoring you would expect at a hospital or medical facility into the home. This includes services such as:

  • Pain management
  • Symptom control
  • Medication administration

Pain is one of the most common symptoms for cancer patients, and often the primary concern. Hospice care can provide a number of different approaches to help manage pain, providing substantial relief for cancer patients. Other common symptoms – such as nausea, spasms, or difficulty breathing can be treated with appropriate medications.

Emotional and Spiritual Support

The nature of hospice care makes emotional and spiritual care an essential component of a comprehensive care program. A hospice care team can help relieve end-of-life anxiety through compassion, companionship, and an emphasis on the connections and relationships that can help patients approach life’s final transition in dignity and grace.

Kinkaid Private Care’s holistic hospice care options can include counselling or chaplain services to families who want additional support.  

How to Arrange Hospice Care at Home

Starting at-home hospice care is as simple as calling Kinkaid Private Care to speak to one of our medical professionals by dialing 866-337-4596 or by filling out our confidential online contact form for a no-obligation consultation. Our team can help walk you through setting up the home hospice process, and will be there to support you and your family through every step of the journey.

Once you’ve started our services, our team will meet with the patient and family to start developing a customized treatment plan. No two home hospice plans are alike – each is tailored to the unique needs of each patient and family, to ensure that you get the most out of our services.

Common Concerns and FAQs

Does Home Hospice Care Include Cancer Treatment?

No. Hospice care is meant for people who don’t have curative treatment options available, or who no longer wish to seek these treatment options. Instead, hospice care is meant to provide comfort, dignity, and symptom relief after a terminal cancer diagnosis.

How Long Does Starting Home Hospice Care Take?

We understand that starting hospice care is a time sensitive concern, and the team at Kinkaid Private Care takes all the steps possible to ensure you meet with your treatment team straight away.

How Long Does Hospice Care Last?

The length of hospice care depends on each patient’s needs and the progression of the cancer diagnosis, though it is typically meant for the last few months of life-limiting illness. Our team regularly evaluates the needs of each patient, and whether hospice care is still needed or desired. 

What Is the Role of the Family in Hospice Care?

Family can be involved in hospice care as much as they like, and may benefit from the emotional and spiritual support services offered by a comprehensive home hospice program. At Kinkaid Private Care, we prioritize excellent and timely communication with family members, so that you know your loved one is in good hands.

Call Kinkaid Private Care Today

If your loved one is dealing with a life-limiting cancer diagnosis, hospice care can dramatically improve their quality of life and provide much needed support for friends and family. Home hospice care through Kinkaid Private Care can help ease many of the difficult symptoms associated with a life-limiting cancer diagnosis, and help patients and family alike with the emotional and spiritual challenges of life’s final transition.

Call our team today at 866-337-4596 or fill out our online contact form for more information on how to get started today.


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