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Untreated or mistreated diabetes can lead to devastating consequences for seniors. Fortunately, diabetes is a highly treatable disease, and many of the severe side effects of diabetes can be avoided with quality health care. In-home diabetes care for seniors is a simple and effective way of empowering seniors to manage their diabetes, providing extra medical assistance when needed, and letting people get back to living healthier and more fulfilling lives.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that can interfere with a person’s ability to turn food into energy. When you eat food, your body breaks it down into sugar that is released into the bloodstream. In a non-diabetic person, insulin is released in response to this spike in blood sugar, which allows the sugar to enter your body’s cells to be used as energy.

For people with diabetes, this insulin response doesn’t work as effectively as it should. Too little insulin is released, or your body’s cells don’t respond to insulin appropriately – leading to high levels of blood sugar that can cause tremendous damage over time.

There are two primary forms of diabetes:

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a genetic disorder that causes your immune system to attack the insulin creating cells in the pancreas. Type 1 diabetes is typically diagnosed at a young age, and people with this disorder need to take insulin every day in order to survive.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes happens as a result of lifestyle choices. People can develop type 2 diabetes at any point in the lifespan, though it typically begins in adulthood. This type of diabetes is typically managed with targeted medications, insulin injections, and lifestyle changes.

Prevalence of Diabetes in Seniors

According to the American Diabetes Association, roughly 11.3% of the United States population has diabetes. But people over the age of 65 are at much higher risk – with 29.2% having a current diagnosis, amounting to nearly 15.9 million seniors.

Complications from Diabetes in Seniors

Left untreated, diabetes can have debilitating consequences. Common side effects of untreated diabetes include:

  • Frequent infections
  • Ketoacidosis
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Kidney problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased risk for heart disease
  • Diabetic neuropathy

These symptoms can be particularly severe for seniors, who often have a multitude of co-occurring medical conditions. The added strain of high blood pressure on a person with a heart condition, for example, can lead to frequent hospitalizations and cardiac stress. And diabetic neuropathy can increase the risk of falls – the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries among seniors.

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Is In-Home Diabetes Care for Seniors Available in Los Angeles?

Fortunately, in-home diabetes care for seniors is available through Kinkaid Private Care. Elderly at home care for diabetes can help older individuals get their diabetes under control, learn how to manage their symptoms, and provided targeted medical support for the health complications of diabetes.

Often, diabetes can become uncontrolled even when people are taking their medications as prescribed. By having a specially trained medical professional meet you in your house and track your diabetes in real time, you can regain control over your blood sugar and insulin levels and minimize the health risks related to diabetes.

At Kinkaid Private Care, we aim to fill the gap between hospital and home with targeted medical services that meet you or your loved ones where they are most comfortable.

Elderly In-Home Diabetes Care Services

In-home diabetes care for seniors has several different services and treatments available to help people with a wide range of needs. This may include:

  • Detailed blood sugar monitoring
  • Action plans to control insulin and blood sugar levels
  • Medication reminders
  • Healthy meal planning
  • Direct medical care for diabetes complications
  • Patient education
  • A1C tests
  • Symptom monitoring
  • Foot checks
  • Wound care

Keeping up with these services ensures that your diabetes stays under control, and that any new symptoms are addressed as soon as they appear.

For people with advanced symptoms of diabetes or who require more intensive care, diabetes care for seniors can be combined with in-home senior care or in-home nursing care services. These options provide an even greater level of medical support for seniors who need a little extra help to maintain their independent lifestyle.

Who Provides Our Care?

Our care is provided by Kinkaid’s team of in-home nurses with decades of experience caring for the elderly. Our nurses are trained to provide high-quality care in a kind and professional manner, while also ensuring excellent communication with families.

Where is Our At-Home Care Available?

Our in-home companion care is provided throughout the Los Angeles area. Specifically, we cover Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Westwood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Malibu, Holmby Hills, Cheviot Hills, Culver City, Beverly Glen, Beverlywood, and surrounding cities in California.

Why Choose Kinkaid?

At Kinkaid Private Care, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building a home healthcare model that is second to none. By only taking on a few clients at a time, offering a wide range of medical and mental health services, and hiring the best medical professionals in Los Angeles, we can provide the highest level of care from the comfort of home. If you or a loved one is struggling to manage their diabetes, reach out to our team by calling 866-337-4596 or filling out our online contact form and start receiving world class in-home healthcare today.

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