Parkinson's Care at Home

Parkinson’s disease is a serious neurodegenerative disorder that can cause severe disruption in your everyday life. Particularly during late-stage Parkinson’s, many people will begin to struggle with their activities of daily living – including bathing, cooking, and even having meaningful social interactions. With Parkinson’s care at home with Kinkaid Private Care, our select clientele can receive both supportive caregiving to improve quality of life as well as in-home medical treatment to minimize symptoms and potentially slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is caused by degeneration of nerve cells within a specific area of the brain known as the substantia nigra. These cells are responsible for the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which plays several roles in everyday functioning – including movement and motivation. While the exact cause is unknown, people with Parkinson’s lose these dopamine producing cells at an accelerated rate. Research suggests that the symptoms of Parkinson’s begin to appear when the number of these cells drops to 50%  of age-matched controls – and people with Parkinson’s will continue to lose these cells indefinitely.

While the significant majority of people with Parkinson’s are over the age of 55, the disease can affect people as early as their 30s. There is no known cure for Parkinson’s disease, but there are several treatments and therapies that can improve symptoms, slow the progression of the disease, and significantly improve quality of life.

Over half a million people in the United States have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, though scientists believe the actual number may be as much as one million. And while the effects of Parkinson’s are most severe for the person with the disease, countless family members, spouses, children, and loved ones are affected by the disease as well.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

The most visible symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are physical, and this is typically how the disease is first identified. The physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include:

  • Tremors in the hands, legs, arms, or jaw
  • A forward leaning posture
  • Difficulty walking or balancing
  • Stiff or rigid muscles
  • Progressive loss of automatic movements, such as blinking or swallowing
  • Slowed reaction time

These physical symptoms can severely impact a person’s ability to carry on with their daily routines. While the impact may be minimal during the early stages of Parkinson’s, in time people will lose their ability to drive safely, to cook for themselves, or to practice personal hygiene. Parkinson’s disease can also increase the likelihood of falls, which can lead to severe medical complications in older patients.

In addition to the physical effects of Parkinson’s, many patients will experience debilitating mental health symptoms as well. Common mental health challenges for people with Parkinson’s include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Memory problems
  • Dementia

The cause of mental health challenges in people with Parkinson’s is twofold. On the one hand, the loss of dopamine producing neurons can play a direct role in the development of any of these symptoms. On the other, many people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s will begin to feel symptoms of anxiety or depression due to the dramatic change in life circumstances.

However these symptoms develop, they can often be just as difficult to manage as the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s. Thankfully, effective treatment methods can reduce both physical and psychological symptoms – and with Kinkaid Private Care, you can receive these treatments from the comfort of your home.

How Home Parkinson’s Care Can Help

Kinkaid Private Care offers concierge in-home medical services to people and families who need support in dealing with the consequences of this serious illness. At Kinkaid, our team offers a whole-person approach to helping people with Parkinson’s maintain and even improve their quality of life, by combining direct medical care with the added support of in-home caregivers.

Kinkaid’s model for home healthcare lets people choose the services they need the most and brings physicians, nurses, and expert caregivers to you.

Types of In-Home Care for Parkinson’s

For many people living with Parkinson’s, making regular trips to the hospital to receive care can be difficult, time consuming, and stressful. This can lead to delaying appointments, skipping routine checkups, or simply not receiving the highest quality of care due to hospital constraints.

In-home Parkinson’s care can alleviate these issues by having a team of medical professionals meet you where you’re already most comfortable: your home. Kinkaid Private Care offers several different kinds of home medical care, depending on what you and your family need the most:

  1. At-Home Doctor Visits: By having a physician come to your home, you can receive accurate diagnoses, new prescriptions as needed, and even many complex medical procedures such as EKGs, blood draws, or X-rays. Home doctor visits can also restore the personal connection that many people feel is lost in hospital settings, where physicians are juggling several patients and running a tight schedule.
  2. In-Home Nursing Care: Kinkaid Private Care’s team of registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and nurse practitioners can address a wide range of health needs for people with Parkinson’s disease. This can include routine injections, wound care, medication management, and much more.
  3. In-Home Caregivers: For people who are beginning to have difficulty keeping up with their everyday tasks and routines due to Parkinson’s, an in-home caregiver can make a dramatic difference in day-to-day quality of life. In-home caregivers can help with routine tasks such as cooking, personal hygiene, medication reminders, and even transportation. Further, an in-home caregiver can serve as a much-needed source of social support and companionship, which can make a significant difference in everyday life.

The Kinkaid Private Care Difference

Kinkaid Private Care was founded on the belief that there is a significant gap in medicine between hospital and home. By providing the highest quality of medical and mental health services to a select few clients, our team can bridge that gap and create better long-term outcomes for our patients.

To learn more about our different treatment options for people living with Parkinson’s disease, call our medical team at (866) 337-4596 or fill out our confidential online contact form for a no-obligation consultation.

Private Duty Nursing for the Wealthy

Los Angeles | Orange County | San Diego | Bay Area

Kinkaid Private Care offers the best private duty nursing in California, delivering concierge luxury in-home nursing care to you in the comfort and privacy of your home. Our services always include individualized health and medical care tailored to your unique needs.

What is Private Duty Nursing for the Wealthy?

There was a time when medical aftercare and follow-along services were provided at a clinic or physician’s office, but that’s no longer true. Premium luxury private duty nursing delivers exceptional medical services at a person’s residence, removing the fuss and bother of scheduling and commuting to clinic appointments and doctor’s visits.

Private duty nursing brings the most talented and experienced nursing professionals into a person’s home, removing the need for visits to the doctor’s office and clinics, but at-home private duty nursing isn’t only about convenience and privacy.

With in home nursing, you also will enjoy better health outcomes. Research has consistently shown private duty nursing leads to better health recovery than traditional follow-along care.

Private duty nursing allows a person to enjoy the finest quality of nursing assistance while enjoying the independence and freedom of staying in one’s own home.

No one wants to spend days or weeks in a hospital setting, which can be noisy and stressful. The idea of receiving the same level of nursing expertise, or better, within the comfort of your home is an appealing option.

What Services Are Offered Under Private Duty Nursing?

All private duty nursing services deliver confidentiality, privacy, comfort, and improved health outcomes.

In-Home Senior Care In-Home Cancer Care In-Home Hospice Care
Nursing Case Management Mental Health Home Care Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Neurological Care Hospital Discharge Planning 24 Home Care
In-Home Caregivers In-home Detox Private Home Healthcare

What Concierge Services are Available in Luxury Home Healthcare?

By adding special services to the in-home healthcare experience, patients can enjoy an improved overall healing experience. These concierge services help the individual feel uniquely cared for while improving mood and reducing stress at the same time.

Taking the home healthcare experience to the next level, private duty nursing may provide additional upscale personalized treatment offerings to further enrich the healing process. These special concierge services provide a heightened degree of physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort, which contribute to aiding the healing process.

The mission of the luxury home healthcare provider is to offer the highest degree of comfort and well-being possible within the patient’s own home while simultaneously delivering the best medical outcomes.

Luxury services might include:

  • Yoga classes
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • IV vitamin therapy
  • Gourmet chef
  • Guided imagery or meditation
  • Personal trainers
  • Beauty services

Enjoying some personal care experiences can help anyone feel better, no matter what medical event they are dealing with.

Private Duty Nursing Services

Our goals are simple. We provide our clients with the best in-home nursing care for the wealthy while preventing unnecessary re-hospitalizations, improving health outcomes, and ensuring a private, confidential, comfortable healing experience.

Kinkaid Private Care offers all of the following luxury private duty nursing services:

At Home Doctor IV Infusion Therapy at Home At Home Lab Draw
At Home Chest X-Ray 24 Hour Home Care At Home EKG

Who Provides Private Duty Nursing for the Wealthy?

Our care is provided by Kinkaid’s team of in-home nurses. Our compassionate and skilled nurses have decades of experience caring for the variety of medical needs you and your family may be experiencing. Our nurses are trained to provide the highest quality care in a kind and professional manner, while also ensuring excellent communication with families.

Why Choose Kinkaid Private Care?

People choose Kinkaid Private Care because they are looking for the best treatment available. The typical one-size-fits-all approach to in-home nursing support offered by other providers just isn’t good enough for clients wanting luxury individualized treatment, the kind of health assistance that is so essential to the healing process.

Kinkaid Private Nursing Care offers premium in-home services to patients looking for the best and most intensive care. We only take on a few clients at a time, so we always provide specialized treatment to meet the needs of each client. Additionally, not only do we specialize in premium care, but we also practice proper case management techniques to ensure your care is organized, efficient, and best for you.

Overall, we create a concierge medical experience for each of our clients. Our approach starts with building relationships with each of our clients and their families; we get to know you in the comfort and privacy of your home to understand you or your loved one’s specific needs and desires.

We then create a personal treatment team for you consisting of at least one clinical nurse specialist, clinical case manager, and care coordinator. Our teams are clinician-led and available to you 24/7 to provide compassionate, unparalleled service and attention to detail.

Contact one of our nurse specialists by calling 866-337-4596 or filling out our confidential online form. Whatever your situation, know that recovery and better health are possible – and that Kinkaid Private Care will be here to help.

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receiving mental health care while holding hands

Mental health care, also known as psychiatric care, refers to the care one receives for any number of mental health disorders. Examples of the most common types of mental health disorders that receive treatment include:

  • Anxiety spectrum disorders, such as general anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, OCD, and more
  • Depressive disorders, such as major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and more
  • Personality disorders, such as borderline personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, and more
  • Mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, cyclothymic disorder, and more

Receiving treatment for these disorders can be crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And while there are many care options in Los Angeles, we recommend looking into home care as the safest and most effective form of care. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of receiving mental health care at home and how Kinkaid can help you receive psychiatric care from the comfort of your home in the Los Angeles area.

Why Receive Mental Health Care at Home in Los Angeles?

Receiving mental health care at home has many advantages, especially in Los Angeles. The following are a few of these advantages:

  • Increased Comfort & Less Stress: Maintaining high levels of comfort and low levels of stress are important while receiving mental health care. Mental health disorders are stressful, and lowering your stress levels can help your body and mind as you push through your treatment. Receiving care at home allows you to remain in the comfort of your home and in surroundings with which you are familiar. It also allows you to always keep your family close.
  • More Personalized Care: Receiving care at home means receiving a more personalized and unique experience. When doctors and caregivers come to your home, they can use your surroundings to help aid your care experience. When doctors and caregivers can see where you live and what you surround yourself with, they can more effectively treat you.
  • Avoid the Stress of LA Traffic: Dealing with a mental health disorder can be stressful, so don’t add on the stress of navigating through traffic in Los Angeles. Receiving care at home eliminates the stress of having to travel in one of worst cities for traffic in the world.

Receive Mental Health Care at Home in Los Angeles with Kinkaid:

If you or your loved one is in need of psychiatric care, please reach out to us to see how we can help. Kinkaid Private Nursing Care offers premium in-home services to patients looking for the best and most intensive care on the market. We only take on a few clients at a time, so we always provide specialized care to meet the needs of each client.

For more information, please visit our homepage and learn about the array of services we provide. These services include at-home mental health care, in-home nursing care, and the coordination of a variety of at-home medical services in the Los Angeles area, as well as home detox services all over the state of California. We also offer at-home Covid-19 testing.

mental health care at home

At-home mental health care, also known as psychiatric home care, refers to the care one receives at home to assist with the difficulties that come with having various psychiatric disorders. Patients receive at-home assistance and coordination from nurses who are trained to work alongside psychiatrists and therapists.

The goal of at-home mental health care is not to medically treat psychiatric patients. Rather, the goal is to assist these patients with their needs and to help them feel more comfortable as they receive treatment for their conditions. The in-home nurses who give this care are trained to coordinate therapy sessions, manage daily activities, manage medication schedules, and improve the overall quality of life for their patients. Again, the goal of this treatment is to support the patient as much as possible in the comfort of his or her own home.

Benefits of In-Home Mental Health Care:

In addition to receiving care from the comfort of your home, at-home mental health care offers numerous benefits, three of which include:

  • Individualized Care: Many care facilities are understaffed and over-stressed, which can lead to a lack of unique care for each patient. With at-home care, however, patients are guaranteed to receive individualized care that is tailored to their specific needs.
  • Privacy: This is crucial for the treatment of any disease and can be hard to find at a hospital or group therapy home. At-home mental health care offers patients complete privacy, which leads to a more comfortable treatment and recovery process.
  • Family Unity: One aspect of care that leads to a more comfortable recovery process is the ability to always be close to family. At-home care offers patients this opportunity, while it also makes life easier for their loved ones, as they do not need to visit a care facility to see them.

Which Mental Health Conditions Can Be Treated At Home?

A wide variety of mental health patients can be treated at home in an effective and comfortable manner. Patients with the following disorders can be treated at home:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depressive Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Mood Disorders

Click here for more information on the specific disorders that fall into the categories listed above and how they can be treated with at-home mental health care.

Get The Home Care You Need with Kinkaid:

If you or your loved one is in need of mental health care, please reach out to us to see how we can help. Kinkaid Private Nursing Care offers premium in-home services to patients looking for the best and most intensive care on the market. We only take on a few clients at a time, so we always provide specialized care to meet the needs of each client.

For more information, please visit our homepage and learn about the array of services we provide. These services include at-home mental health care, in-home nursing care, and the coordination of a variety of at-home medical services in the Los Angeles area, as well as home detox services all over the state of California. We also offer at-home Covid-19 testing.