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In Home Psychiatric Care

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Psychiatric care is complex and often requires regular supervision and monitoring to ensure that treatment is going to plan. But this does not mean that hospitalization or long stays at a psychiatric facility is required – with in home psychiatric care and evaluation through Kinkaid Private Care, you or your loved ones can get all the benefits of effective psychiatric treatment from the comfort of home.

Treating Psychiatric Illness

Mental health disorders can cause significant disruptions in your everyday life if left untreated. But with any severe mental health disorder, the treatment isn’t always straightforward: it often requires trying multiple different medications, monitoring your progress during treatment, changing medication dosing and timing as needed, or even regular blood tests to make sure that your medications aren’t causing unwanted side effects.

Despite the more intensive nature of treating severe mental illness, appropriate treatment can often bring about dramatic results. It can help people retain their independence, accomplish their daily tasks without difficulty, and dramatically reduce the symptoms of their mental health disorders. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 65% of people living with severe mental illness will achieve recovery – but getting effective treatment is critical to achieving that goal.

The Downside of Psychiatric Hospitalization

The more intensive nature of psychiatric treatment makes hospitalization seem like an obvious choice for many people. A psychiatric hospital allows psychiatrists and physicians to monitor their patients closely, adjust their medications as needed, and create individualized treatment plans that help them on the path to recovery. But there are severe drawbacks of psychiatric hospitalization, including:

  • Loss of independence
  • Moving to a strange and often unwelcoming environment
  • Less time spent with family and loved ones
  • Forced cohabitation with other people experiencing mental health challenges
  • Having to abide by facility rules, schedules, and regulations
  • The potential risk of involuntary physical or chemical restraint

When you or your loved one are struggling with severe mental illness, this can quickly become an impossible decision. Getting the right level of treatment often comes with unpalatable downsides, at least when you think that hospitalization is the only option.

The In-Home Psychiatric Care Solution

In-home psychiatric care provides a much more palatable solution for many people. With Kinkaid Private Care, you can receive targeted psychiatric care and evaluation from the comfort of your home, without any of the downsides of inpatient hospitalization.

In-home care isn’t a step down in care – our team of mental health professionals can still provide all the same services as a hospital, including close psychiatric supervision, medication management services, and customized treatment plans according to each individual client’s needs.

All these treatments are provided at home, where people can feel at ease and in comfort in the place they already feel safe.

Benefits of In-Home Psychiatric Care

Our clients choose in-home psychiatric care for several reasons, but some of the key benefits of in-home psychiatric care include:

Personal Attention from Mental Health Professionals

With in-home care, each client gets exclusively one-on-one attention from our team of psychiatric professionals. Unlike inpatient or outpatient psychiatric programs, your provider does not have to juggle dozens of patients simultaneously – they can put their entire focus on helping you with your challenges.

This also leads to a much greater level of personal understanding and empathy. Without outside distractions, our team can take the time to get to know you, your family, your needs, and your concerns in granular detail. In-home psychiatric care provides the greatest depth of treatment available and makes it an obvious choice for those looking for the best in their treatment options.

Accurate Evaluation and Diagnosis

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is a key part of the psychiatric care program. By using evidence-based assessments and diagnostic tools, we can ensure that you are getting the right treatment for your challenges, and not wasting time on interventions that do not work.

The Highest Level of Convenience

Most people do not want to leave home to receive effective mental health care. But with in-home care, your team of providers comes to you directly – bringing all the tools, equipment, and expertise necessary to your front door. Our model of in-home care harkens back to when doctors made house calls – but with new advances in technology, even complex medical testing and interventions can be done from home.

This high level of convenience can save you and your family countless trips to outpatient clinics, provider offices, and hospital waiting rooms – and make managing mental illness something easily accomplished from the comfort of home.

Post-Hospitalization Care

Following psychiatric hospitalization, it is essential to keep up with the treatment and interventions that have helped you achieve recovery in the first place. With in-home psychiatric care, our providers can offer medication management services, track your progress in recovery, and ensure that you maintain your recovery into the future.

In-home psychiatric care after hospitalization is a simple and effective strategy to make sure that you do not have to go back to the hospital again.

Why Choose Kinkaid

Kinkaid Private Care is the premiere choice for people looking for the best evidence-based care from the comfort of homes. Our team has spent decades working in a variety of mental health and medical fields and has the expertise and compassion to help you or your loved ones achieve and sustain recovery.

But our services extend far beyond psychiatric care and evaluation alone. In addition to psychiatric care, we offer a suite of concierge medical and mental health services, including:

All these services are offered individually, letting you choose the services you think would be best suited for you or your loved one’s recovery.

Start In-Home Psychiatric Care with Kinkaid Private Care

When you’re ready to begin, reach out to our nursing staff by calling (866) 337-4596 or filling out our confidential online contact form for a no-obligation consultation. Our team understands how challenging living with severe psychiatric illness can be – but we have also seen the tremendous positive impact that effective mental health care can bring.

Whether you are seeking help with mental illness for yourself or finding treatment for a loved one – recovery is within reach with Kinkaid Private Care.


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