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One of our core beliefs is that there is a gap between the level of care people receive in a hospital or physician’s office and the follow-through that needs to take place in someone’s home. This is where our service is truly unmatched, as our clinical team becomes your best asset in the home. We provide high-quality care every hour of the day while also promoting health and wellness for you and your family members.

We realize that people facing complex medical or mental health conditions require more attention and focus than our current healthcare system can provide. We have a deep understanding of challenges within the healthcare system and have decades of experience navigating through such obstacles.

We believe that every client deserves deliberate, high-quality, and individualized healthcare without compromise. Allow us to be your advocate, peace of mind has remarkable healing power.

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Private Duty Nursing Services

Home Detox

Kinkaid Private Nursing Care provides private, one to one, drug and alcohol detoxification from the comfort of your home, with an expert clinician-led care team that monitors you throughout the duration of the program.

 In Home Nursing Care

At Kinkaid Private Care, our highly skilled and qualified nursing team is prepared to care for clients experiencing a vast range of both common and complex medical conditions. We service a diverse population of adults, including elderly patients and families.

Home Medical Services Coordinated

Our team can arrange a variety of quality medical services in the privacy of your home, offering maximum comfort and relaxation! Services include IV Vitamin therapy, Doctor visits, blood draw and more!

Home IV Infusions

Kinkaid offers IV electrolyte replacement and Vitamin Therapy treatments in the comfort and privacy of your home, with an experienced and qualified private nurse who ensures that the procedure is both painless and quick.

In Home
Covid-19 Testing

Allow our professional and compassionate nurses to conduct in-home Covid-19 tests in the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

Meet the Founder

As a registered nurse with more than 20 years of experience working in some of the most prestigious hospitals throughout the country, Jennifer Bembry specializes in assisting patients in their homes with complex medical diagnoses by expertly crafting a unique concierge medical experience.

Our highly specialized and compassionate care teams are clinician-led, and completely available to you 24/7 to provide exceptional service and undivided attention to every detail of your care.

Over the years Jennifer has developed an extraordinary network of highly specialized nurses and clinicians. This network allows her to match specific nursing care to the exact needs of her clients. Combining her knowledge of medicine, with our incredible team of nurses allows Kinkaid to provide the absolute best medical experience.

Learn more about Jennifer and the team at Kinkaid Private Care.

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Our Philosophy

Why choose Kinkaid? Our philosophy on premium in home nursing care and concierge level of service.

Alcohol Detox at Home

Is Alcohol detox at home safe? Receive a private, one-to-one, medically supervised alcohol detox with our addiction recovery team, all in the safety and comfort of home.

Mental Health Home Care

What does Kinkaid’s mental health home care look like? How our experienced and compassionate psychiatric nurses can support you at home.

Private Nursing Services Available in Your Home Throughout California

Kinkaid Private Care offers private detox services throughout the state of California, and in-home nursing services in the greater Los Angeles area.

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