Best Hospice Care Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica

Best Hospice Care Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica

While assisting in various capacities during the course of the illness—sometimes for an extended period of time—a family may have felt somewhat hopeful that their loved one’s health will take a turn for the better at some point.  When that doesn’t happen, many caregivers experience profound sadness that their efforts have failed.  Families who have shouldered the health responsibilities for a loved one often dread the day when their medical condition has declined to a point where hospice care is indicated.

Hospice care is the care received during the final days, weeks, or months of life that focuses on comfort and support, improving quality of life.  Although beginning hospice care invokes a sense of sad inevitability among the family members, it can also help relieve much of the burden of care that leaves many caregivers depleted.  Most importantly, hospice care brings much needed pain relief to the individual who is at the end stage of life, something that is often very much welcomed by all involved.

Palliative Care at Home Los Angeles

Family and Spiritual Support

Family and Spiritual Support in Home Hospice Care Los Angeles

One of the nice advantages of home hospice care services is the ability for the trained hospice care providers to learn the specific family and spiritual needs of the patient’s family.  A sensitive hospice provider wants to make the end of life experience as peaceful as possible for both the patient and the family.  By having an understanding of the family dynamic, as well as any spiritual needs, the in-home hospice service provider can connect the family to needed services.

Large families may desire to make sure that family members have some special time with the terminal patient, so the hospice workers can help organize this in a way that causes minimal disruption to the well-being of the patient.  Some families may request that clergy come to give the dying patient special anointing and prayers, while also offering family members counsel and support.  A home hospice care provider can coordinate these services.

Medication Management

The Importance of Medication Management in Hospice Care Los Angeles

Nothing is more disconcerting that witnessing your loved one in pain.  One of the most important features of quality home hospice care is the attention given to managing various prescribed medications to aid in reducing pain and discomfort.  As the attending physician makes changes to the prescriptions, the hospice nursing team will update the medication schedule immediately, ensuring the patient has continuous relief of discomfort.

Some patients may need other palliative treatments to assist with respiration or other functions.  The hospice team takes care of all aspects of the patient’s needs, providing the best end-of-life care possible.  With the focus on medication management, quality of life, comfort, and sustaining a stress-free setting, home hospice care can help the individual transition with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask When Deciding on Hospice Care for a Loved One

When seeking the best hospice care in Los Angeles consider asking the following 7 questions:

  1. How is the plan of care formulated?
  2. What is the response time when an urgent situation arises? Evenings and weekends?
  3. Do you offer support to the family?
  4. What are your credentials?
  5. Do you make a home visit to do an evaluation of the patient’s needs as well as consult with their physician?
  6. Do you have references available?
  7. Do you have policies and standards clearly articulated in writing?

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Kinkaid Private Nursing Care coordinates highly qualified home hospice nurses and clinicians serving Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Bel Air, and Hollywood Hills.  Kinkaid Private Nursing Care will connect your loved one with the empathetic hospice professionals who will make a positive difference in your loved one’s final phase of life.  For more information about home hospice and end-of-life care, contact Kinkaid Private Nursing Care today at (877) 388-6373.

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