best hospice los angeles

Best Hospice Los Angeles

Tips for Finding the Best Hospice Los Angeles

Just the word “hospice” can summon powerful feelings of sorrow and dread.  This is because hospice refers to the final phase of care provided for our lives, the last leg of our earthly journey.  For some who have been battling a prolonged health crisis, hospice does not come as a shock, although still punctuates the impending final chapter of life.  Others may have received a sudden, unexpected prognosis and haven’t had any time to prepare emotionally for end of life care.  In either scenario, finding the best hospice care available should be a top priority moving forward.

What are the Different Types of Hospice Care?

In every community there are likely to be several different hospice options.  Hospice refers to specific care tailored for providing the highest level of comfort for the individual nearing the end of their life.  This specific care can be provided in various settings.  Hospice care can be in a hospital, a nursing home, a hospice center, or at home with a private home nurse.  Regardless of the setting, the palliative hospice care is available once the individual’s physician has determined they have less than six months to live.

Home hospice care

More people now opt for home-based hospice care than an inpatient setting.  When hospice is provided in the home, the family can become part of the care team.  The patient is surrounded by the comfort of their familiar surroundings as well as their loved ones.

Hospice center

A designated hospice center is an inpatient facility that caters specifically to terminally ill patients.  The hospice center is sometimes a better option for patients who have more complex medical needs that may be overwhelming to family members.

Hospital hospice care

Most hospitals have a designated hospice ward for terminal patients, often who are admitted via emergency department.  Although the patient is in a hospital, the medical providers do not provide treatment, just palliative (comfort) care for the terminal patient.

Tips to Locate the Best Hospice Los Angeles

Often, by the time a family is told that their loved one is ready for hospice they are already overwhelmed by the illness and anxious about this next stage of care.  But it is important to know the right things to look for when searching for a quality hospice program.  Some tips for locating the best hospice care Los Angeles include asking about:

  • What their crisis response speed is. It does no good to offer 24 hour on call service if the hospice team delays care for several hours.
  • What the limitations of care are. Some hospice providers will not administer medications, for example, or will only visit the patient twice per week.
  • Are their doctors, nurses and care providers trained.  Hospice care involves special skills in palliative medicine and nursing.
  • If they provide a spectrum of care. Hospice care often includes the services of a social worker and involving clergy, so make sure the provider has access to these.
  • Ask for references. A family who has used the services of the hospice provider is a valuable source of information regarding the quality of care received.
  • The length of time in operation. Learning how long the hospice provider has been providing care speaks to their experience in the field.
  • Whether the hospice service is Medicare certified. Having Medicare certification is important for financial reimbursement for services.

Kinkaid Private Care Provides Best Hospice Los Angeles

Kinkaid Private Care is a concierge private healthcare management company that offers high quality home hospice care services.  Kinkaid’s team of private duty hospice nurses provide the ultimate in care and comfort for the individual facing the end of life, as well as their family.  Kinkaid’s hospice team will monitor, administer, and document all medications, and communicate with the physician in a timely manner when changes to medications should be considered.  For more information about the best hospice Los Angeles, contact Kinkaid Private Care today at (877) 388-5942.

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