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Beverly Hills In-Home Care by Kinkaid Private Care

Kinkaid was founded upon the belief that there is a gap between the care people receive in a hospital or physician’s office and the follow-through that is expected to take place at home. 

As such, we provide the best home care services in the area, customized to your needs. Find out why we’re your best choice for in-home care.

Responsive and personalized care

Our team of professionals provide you with personalized care tailored to your needs. No matter what services you need, you’ll get the best possible service from a compassionate, responsive team.

Specialized care for a range of conditions

We offer a full range of home care services including nursing and medical care for a wide range of conditions – from allergies to cancer, we have you covered 24/7.

In Home Care Services Offered in Beverly Hills

We provide top-notch nursing care including:

A few of our services include, but are not limited to:

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Privacy guaranteed

We know that you want to maintain your privacy as much as possible and Kinkaid Private Care allows you to experience the maximum level of privacy by having treatments done from the comfort of your home.

What Our Clients Say

“I have been working with Jennifer for the last year and her staff members are professional, she collaborates with doctors well, impeccable time management, and is wonderful with crisis resolution. Jennifer can direct any staff in a crisis whether it be with opiates, alcohol, addictive substances, or psychiatric issues. She has superb communication skills. She is both knowledgeable and empathetic. I know that I can depend on her to handle any client.”

~ Jose H

Who Provides Our Care?

Our care is provided by Kinkaid’s team of in-home nurses with decades of experience caring for the variety of medical needs you and your family may be experiencing. Our nurses are trained to provide high-quality care in a kind and professional manner, while also ensuring excellent communication with families.

Areas We Serve

Our in-home care is provided throughout the Los Angeles area. Specifically, we cover Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Westwood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Malibu, Holmby Hills, Cheviot Hills, Culver City, Beverly Glen, Beverlywood, and surrounding cities in California.

Why Choose Kinkaid?

Kinkaid Private Nursing Care offers premium in-home services to patients looking for the best and most intensive care on the market. We only take on a few clients at a time, so we always provide specialized care to meet the needs of each client. Additionally, not only do we specialize in premium care, but we also practice proper management techniques to ensure your care is organized, efficient, and best for you.

Overall, we create a concierge medical experience for each of our clients. Our approach starts with building relationships with each of our clients and their families; we get to know you in the comfort and privacy of your home to understand your exact needs. We then create a personal care team for you consisting of at least a clinical nurse specialist, clinical case manager, and care coordinator. Our compassionate teams are clinician-led and available to you 24/7 to provide unparalleled service and attention to detail.

For more information, please call us at 866-337-4596 or fill out our contact form below.


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