“I have practiced medicine for 32 years. In that time I have worked with many nurses and nursing organizations. Kinkaid Nursing is simply the finest, most thorough, and most dedicated that I have encountered in that time. They provide a comprehensive, thoughtful, kind, and highly competent solution to any situation that requires nursing.

I often find that there is little for me to add as a physician to the comprehensive care that they provide. They communicate well and with regularity so that I am always aware of all problems and any progress or change in condition. They are a kind and caring group of highly skilled and dedicated nurses; I strongly recommend them in any situation and often will not provide home care without their support.”

-Dr. Robert Waldman


“I have been working with Jennifer for the last year and her staff members are professional, she collaborates with doctors well, impeccable time management, and is wonderful with crisis resolution. Jennifer can direct any staff in a crisis whether it be with opiates, alcohol, addictive substances, or psychiatric issues. She has superb communication skills. She is both knowledgeable and empathetic. I know that I can depend on her to handle any client.

-Jose Hernandez
Addiction Counselor and Intervention Specialist

Almost a year into sobriety, the exceptional and life-saving care I received from Kinkaid Private Nursing Care.

Almost a year into sobriety, the exceptional and life-saving care I received from Kinkaid Private Nursing Care has shown to be the best choices of care I have ever made. I probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the swift, non-judgemental, simple-to-start program that can start 24 hours or less after you pick up the phone.
I didn’t think a service existed for those of us that are well beyond point of packing a bag, driving to a place full of strangers, and starting a terrifying process that could make or break your life—but to my amazement Jennifer and Dr. Waldman provided exactly what I needed, and I was absolutely not alone. They have an incredibly educated and compassionate doctor/nursing team that come to the comfort of the home, sit with you through the detox process, and provide not only physical comfort but psychological and emotional support as well.  Just knowing the doctor could be reached at anytime to adjust things if problems were to arise, provided a huge sense of comfort and calm.
For me what really made my process a success was the personal touches they provided.  Long after I reached the treatment center, they continued to provide genuine insight to help me see what came next and  to assure we didn’t just put a bandaid on the problem, but began the first step in a long lasting and life saving solution.
There honestly isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the people behind the company that cared enough to race to my side when I was very close to dying, and that pushed me to get the additional care that didn’t see I needed.

-Past Patient, Anonymous


“I was referred to Jennifer and her agency by a nurse providing in-patient care to my grandmother. We were preparing for my grandmother’s discharge home, and we were eager to find high quality, private-duty care. As anyone who has gone through that situation knows, it can be a highly stressful and emotional time. Jennifer’s kindness, clinical competence and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system provided much-needed confidence that we were in the right hands. She managed the transition home, worked with the hospice agency to set up a care plan, and even spoke numerous times with the long-term care insurance company to help us secure our monthly benefit .

As helpful as all of this coordination is, what has become most important to us is the kindness and competence of the care provided by Kinkaid caregivers. It is clear that Jennifer screens everyone who works for her very carefully and she hires only the best. Not only do the the caregivers manage my grandmother’s diet, medications and general care, but they facilitate much needed social outings and activities that have contributed greatly to her quality of life. They even text pictures and updates throughout the week so we are involved in my grandmother’s day-to-day life.

We truly believe that the quality of care she has received over the last year by the team at Kinkaid is a key reason my grandmother is no longer under hospice care. Instead, she is happy, healthy and receiving the care at home she always wanted for these later years in life.”



“In November 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was scary and overwhelming. I would need chemo and radiation. At Tower Hematology/Oncology, before you start chemotherapy you go through something called chemo orientation. I was so nervous to see what I was in store for…enter Jenny. She took me through my orientation and I left there feeling much better about the experience. She was sweet and had a great sense of humor and I knew I could talk to her like I talk to my friends. She gave me a tour of the facilities and asked if I’d like her to be my chemo nurse for my upcoming infusions. It was a no-brainer. The answer was YES.

My first day of chemo was scary, of course, but I felt much less nervous when I saw Jenny’s face. I have awful veins and they had a hard time getting my IV in, but she kept me calm the whole time, reassuring me every step of the way. She checked in on me constantly throughout my infusion and really kept me grounded. Halfway through my treatments, I found out she was pregnant with baby number 3 and would be going on maternity leave early. I’m pretty sure I cried. I didn’t know how I was going to get through the rest of my treatments without her. To this day we still keep in touch and I consider her not only a great nurse, but a good friend.”


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