Private Duty Nurse Los Angeles

Benefits of a Private Duty Nurse Los Angeles

Increased Comfort with an In Home Private Duty Nurse

I doubt too many people would relish the idea of staying in the hospital if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.  Hospital stays are exhausting, expensive, and impersonal.  The quality of care received in a hospital setting can vary significantly depending on the skills and demeanor of the nurses assigned to you.  But, most important, people prefer to be in the comforts of their own familiar surroundings, versus a hospital setting.

Hiring a private duty nurse Los Angeles can be a much better option for post-operative care or ongoing medical care for a chronic condition.  A private duty nurse comes to your home to treat you per doctor’s orders and recommendations, allowing you to enjoy your own comfortable home.  A variety of nursing expertise, from registered nurse (RN), to an accredited LVN or LPN will provide the same level of professional care you would receive at the hospital, with added convenience, companionship, and comforts found in the home.

Advantages of a Private Duty Nurse Los Angeles

Receiving private nursing care in the home offers several advantages.  Not only will you receive excellent medical care for a health condition or post-operative care, but a private duty nurse Los Angeles allows you to maintain a comfortable and safe lifestyle. The benefits of private nursing services include:

  • Individualized Care. Because the private duty nurse is only looking after you when he or she is in your home, you will receive more attention.  Things that might go unnoticed in a hospital setting are more readily observed and treated.  Private nurses will tend to your specific needs in a timely manner, often seeing early signs of infection or other complications sooner than standard hospital care.
  • Instead of spending a prolonged period tethered to a hospital bed, private nursing care allows you to enjoy the convenience of the nurse coming to your home.  This provides more lifestyle flexibility, enabling you to continue with some of your usual activities or work-related duties while still receiving needed medical attention.  Having a home nurse also means you won’t be driving back and forth to more medical appointments than are necessary.
  • No one enjoys being laid up by a health condition, and being stuck in the hospital often translates to loneliness.  Loved ones may not be free to visit as much as you’d like, so it is common to feel lonely or depressed while convalescing.  With a private duty nurse you will not only benefit from the quality nursing skills, but will also enjoy companionship and interaction.
  • Relieves family. It is difficult for families to take on the responsibilities of transporting their loved one back and forth to various medical providers.  A private nursing service relieves families of the difficulties posed by their loved ones ongoing medical needs, giving them a sense of confidence that quality care is being provided in the comfort of their loved one’s home.

What Services Does a Private Duty Nurse Los Angeles Provide?

Private nursing care covers a variety of in home services in the privacy and comfort of your home.  These may include:

  • Post-operative care
  • Treatment services for cancer patients
  • In home elder care
  • In home detox services
  • Home hospice care
  • Intensive case management

In addition to the standard nursing services, specialty concierge services may also be available through a private duty nursing team.  These holistic treatments aid and enhance the healing process, as well as offer mental health benefits to the patient.  Concierge Services, also known as Mobile Spa Services, may include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Guided mediation
  • IV vitamin therapy
  • Personal trainer

Kinkaid Private Care Coordinates Quality In Home Private Nursing Services

Kinkaid Private Care coordinates top quality nursing services in the privacy and comfort of your home.  Based on your specific healthcare needs, Kinkaid Private Care will match you or your loved one with the best in-home nursing care available.  Whether it is post-surgical care, elder care, hospice care, or in-home detox, Kinkaid Private Care will provide the quality care you or your loved one deserve.  For more information, please call us today at (877) 388-6373

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