Home Hospice Care in Palos Verdes

Home Hospice Care in Palos Verdes

High Quality Home Hospice Care in Palos Verdes

When a doctor utters the words, “It is time to consider hospice care,” a multitude of emotions are sparked.  Although most patients in declining health, along with their loving family members, already knew in their heart that this day would soon arrive, to be confronted with the actual reality elicits sorrow, fear, and anxiety for many.  The end of life is something most of us don’t really want to envision, so when faced with the knowledge that time is short can be unsettling and downright scary.

In recent years a growing number of people now choose their own home in which to live out their final days, with roughly one million Americans receiving hospice care in 2015, and 44.4% choosing their home as the place to receive it, according to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.  The beauty of home hospice care is the ability for family and friends to have easier access to their loved one, enabling them to spend precious time with them in the home environment.

Understanding what hospice care entails and the various levels of care and services involved is an important step in becoming informed about how home hospice can be a beautiful experience.  Knowing what to look for in a home hospice care provider will help you identify a high quality home hospice care in Palos Verdes for your loved one residing there.

About Hospice Care

Hospice care originated in London, England in the 1950s when a woman named Dame Cicely Saunders, a physician, began volunteering comfort care services to terminally ill patients.  Over the ensuing 150 years the hospice movement in the U.S. has grown to about 6,100 hospice programs nationwide.

The core principal of hospice care is to improve a patient’s quality of life by providing support and care that reduce pain and discomfort when a physician has determined that curative measures are no longer valid.  Hospice services include a team of providers, including a doctor who oversees the patient, a hospice nurse, a social worker, a therapist, and spiritual counselors.

Hospice care can be obtained in the comfort of one’s home, in a nursing home, a hospice facility, or within a hospital setting.  Many now prefer the home environment because it offers enhanced emotional comfort, being in familiar surroundings, making it less stressful for the patient.  The patient is provided a hospital bed, a bedside commode, and any medical equipment needed for their specific needs.  Most of the expense of hospice care is covered by Medicare, although some families hire home health care providers to help with services not covered through insurance or Medicare, paying for those services out of pocket.

Levels of Care for Home Hospice Care in Palos Verdes

When the patient enters a hospice care program the goal will be to enrich the final stage of life through palliative, or comfort care, services.  As the patient enters each stage in physical health the care level will be adjusted accordingly.  This means that initially hospice care may be limited to a nurse visiting the patient two times per week, and the hospice doctor once per week.  As health deteriorates the physician will order more enhanced care to accommodate the needs of your loved one.

The levels of home hospice care include:

Routine Hospice Care is the most common level of hospice care for a patient who has signed up to receive hospice services at home.

Continuous Home Care is enhanced home hospice care that can involve 8-24 hour care to manage pain and other acute medical symptoms.  This is mostly hospice nursing care provided for the terminally ill patient at home.

Inpatient Respite Care is available for patients whose caregiving family members are in need of some temporary relief. The patient is transferred to a hospice facility or a long-term care facility that provides 24-hour care for a few days, and then is transferred back home.

Kinkaid Private Care Provides Home Hospice Care in Palos Verdes

Kinkaid Private Care is a healthcare management that specializes in providing the highest quality of hospice care available.  The experienced hospice team seeks to enhance the quality of life for your loved one in the comfort of their home, offering expert nursing care, holistic therapies, and emotional support.  For more information about comprehensive home hospice care in Palos Verdes, contact Kinkaid Private Care today at (877) 388-6373.

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