In Home Addiction Treatment

In Home Addiction Treatment

Private and Confidential In Home Addiction Treatment

You’ve hit another bottom, a bottom that dwarfs the last bottom.  Each time you hit bottom you swear you will get help for the addiction, but withdrawal symptoms kick in and the next thing you know you are using again…just waiting for the next, worse, inevitable bottom.

One of the reasons many who are struggling with substance addiction do not take the step to get help is the thought of going through detox.  Worse yet, is holing up at a detox facility for days, away from the privacy and comfort of home and the support of family.  A growing popularity for in-home addiction treatment that starts with medical detox makes the process much more palatable.

What Does In Home Addiction Treatment Entail?

When beginning the recovery journey from a drug or alcohol addiction, the first step is to detoxify your body from all remnants of the substance of abuse.  This can be an arduous process and should never be attempted on one’s own.  Although in most cases, withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening, they can be so miserable that the individual will simply give up the detox process altogether in order to avoid the highly uncomfortable withdrawal process.

In-home supervised detox overseen by a doctor who is an addiction specialist and trained detox nurses can be an excellent option.  Withdrawal symptoms are consistently monitored and ongoing medical interventions are provided, easing the unpleasant symptoms.  The emotional support offered by the detox nurse and team is also a crucial element to completing this first step toward recovery.  Detox can take up to a week before stabilization is at a point where the active addiction treatment can begin.

In an in home setting, addiction treatment can begin following detox.  The addiction specialists can assist you with starting the process by creating an individualized case management plan and provide addiction counseling services.

What are the Benefits of In Home Addiction Treatment?

There are several benefits for using an at home addiction nursing team.  One of the most important ones for clients is the element of discretion and privacy of undergoing the initial stages of recovery in your own home, versus a sterile detox clinic.  Having one-on-one attention is also very attractive to the client, knowing that they are placing their health and well-being into the hands of trained, compassionate professional who will be closely monitoring them.

Another benefit of addiction treatment at home is the ability for the detox team to survey the home for alcohol or drugs, including over the counter medications that should be removed in early recovery.  In addition, the detox specialists can provide the important support for loved ones who may need some counseling and addiction education as well.  This preparation and knowledge will help in relapse prevention.

Is In Home Detox Safe?

In-home detox and withdrawal is absolutely safe when overseen by medical professionals who can quickly respond with appropriate interventions immediately, if necessary.  A highly trained in-home detox team will be trained to address each withdrawal symptom with a medical intervention, from the most mild to the more severe.

In-home detox that is supervised by a doctor is imperative in order to ensure safety and timely changes in medications as warranted.  A medical doctor trained in the field of addiction and recovery will provide the foundational safety measures for a safe and effective home detox.

Kinkaid Private Care Coordinates In Home Addiction Treatment and Detox Services

Kinkaid Private Care is exactly what the name means:  A full service concierge medical management team that coordinates private detox and care in the privacy of your home.  The coordinated highly trained private detox nurses are dedicated to providing the medical and emotional support you deserve and need during the detox process.  Once the detox phase is complete, Kinkaid Private Care will coordinate case management and relevant counseling services in the early stages of recovery.  For more information about in-home detox and addiction services offered in the Los Angeles area, please contact Kinkaid Private Care today at (877) 388-6373.

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