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Drug Overdose Treatment at Home

How to Treat Overdose at Home Any drug overdose, no matter the specific drug, is always a medical emergency. When an overdose occurs, a swift response is essential as drug overdoses can be life-threatening. For some people, the idea of going to a facility may not be acceptable. Things such as privacy issues or fear […]

Coordinating Myers Cocktail (IV Vitamin Therapy) at Home

At Kinkaid Private Care, we can coordinate the “Myers Cocktail” within the comfort of your own home or private setting. This IV vitamin therapy at home is a vitamin nutrient supplement that was formulated for enhancing and boosting the healing process and restoring energy and stamina. Myers Cocktail can be effective for increasing blood levels […]

How to Detox From Ice at Home

How to Detox From Meth Methamphetamine is a powerful man-made stimulant that goes by various street names, including “ice” due to its crystalline appearance. The drug can be snorted, injected, smoked, or taken orally, and is highly addictive. Initially, the user experiences an intense rush of euphoria and heightened energy, which impacts the neurotransmitters, dopamine […]

How to Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms at Home

The Benefits of In-Home Alcohol Detox One of the biggest obstacles to getting help for an alcohol use disorder involves concerns about the perceived stigma associated with detox and rehab. People will often put off getting the help they need to overcome the alcohol problem in fear of their reputation being harmed in some way. […]