Alternative to Nursing Homes

Alternative to Nursing Homes

Private Nurse an Excellent Alternative to Nursing Homes

In days past it was common to relegate an elderly loved one to the care of a nursing home during their latter stage of life.  Perhaps their health had deteriorated to such an extent that the family knew their loved one was no longer safe living at home.  While some adult children are able to take their aging parent in or to move in with them, for many others it is not a viable option.

In recent years seniors are finding their voice and articulating their desires regarding how they want to live their lives.  Very few older individuals are accepting of the idea of living out their remaining days in a sterile nursing home environment, with the majority now resisting placement in these homes.  Seniors are opting to age-in-place, and having modifications performed on their homes in order to accommodate that wish.  Regardless, when health declines to a certain point, the conversation needs to be had about what alternatives to nursing homes exist.

Private In Home Elder Care Alternative to Nursing Homes

It is a simple fact that as we age we will experience mounting healthcare needs and physical limitations.  When an individual decides to live out their remaining years in the comfort of their own home, the private in-home elder care option is a sound alternative to nursing homes.  With some careful planning, it is absolutely possible for your loved one to remain at home.

In home elder care encompasses many specialized services provided by a private home healthcare provider, tailored for those advanced in years.   Because of the specific needs of this demographic, it is important to seek out in home nurses who are trained to care for the needs of the elderly.  When embarking on the in-home elder care option, there should be a seamless system of care providers on hand to tend to various needs, including medical care, physical therapy, recreational therapy, and spiritual involvement.

What Services do Private Elder Care Providers Perform?

The spectrum of care offered by a private in home elder care provider covers a wide range of services.  How much or how little the in home nurses are needed will likely fluctuate depending on the healthcare support needs of the individual.  Some may start with a few hours of care, three days per week, providing basic hygiene needs and oversight of medical conditions.

As health deteriorates, in-home elder care can increase accordingly, and will encompass a higher level of care and services for the individual as needed.  At some point, 24-hour care may be necessitated.  Services provided by home care providers, as an adjunct to the private nursing care, can include grooming and hygiene, toileting, light cooking, housekeeping, errands, and physical therapy or walks.  Holistic therapies can also be provided for the individual, including massage therapy, meditation, and IV vitamin infusion.

What about Palliative Care and Hospice?

In the best case scenario, the in-home health provider will also offer in-home palliative and hospice care services.  When a physician has determined that a medical condition is beyond treatment, they may order palliative (comfort) care, and in the event that the physician determines the individual is in their final months, hospice care.

Specially trained hospice care providers focus on giving the individual the highest quality of life possible during the final weeks or months of life.  This involves pain management and providing special therapies and procedures that help enhance comfort.  Often, hospice care includes services such as a social worker, home healthcare providers, and clergy.

Kinkaid Private Care Provides In-Home Elder Care

Kinkaid Private Care is a full service private nursing network that provides the highest standard of in-home elder care as an alternative to nursing homes.  The private duty nurses and healthcare professionals have extensive training in elder care, palliative care, and hospice care, and will ensure your loved one enjoys remaining in the comfort of their home surrounded by family.  For more information about our elder care services, please contact Kinkaid Private Care today at (877) 388-6373.

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